Front-End Engineer (JavaScript, React.JS)

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  • Antwerp, Belgium

Front-End Engineer (JavaScript, React.JS)

Job description

You are an ambitious creator constantly seeking to push yourself and your team to the next edge. You are comfortable taking on increasing levels of responsibility, and can manage your own deadlines and priorities.  This position offers responsibility and creative freedom, as you will be working with an early-stage team to build products from the ground-up.  If you’re looking for a fast-paced engineering culture and an opportunity to build ambitious software in a young environment, join us. 


Duties and Responsibilities:

As a Front-End Engineer you will be part of a development team working on an agile web platform being used all over the world.



Required Skills/Certifications:

  • Extensive background taking designs, wireframes, and mocks to develop robust User Interfaces using React.
  • Ability to develop mobile first UI for mobile, iOS and Android.
  • Consult creative teams on the feasibility to deliver their UI/UX designs.
  • Provide technical subject matter expertise to mentor and guide other engineers.
  • Tackle UI security challenges.
  • Extended knowledge in HTML5, CSS (SASS preferred)
  • Git version control
  • 2 years’ experience with React and React Native
  • Strong experience consuming Restful API’s
  • Successful experience delivering web applications that are cross platform.
  • Strong track record with JavaScript testing frameworks.
  • Experience with UI architecture and design.
  • Experience with Python, SQL, and AWS is a plus 

Please note that we do the hires ourselves and looking for people to work on our payroll and not via agencies. Any applications that come in direct via mail will not be considered as you need to complete the application form first.